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Nine Keys to Hell: The Qlippoth
(Infernalism: Path of Screams)

Dangerous even to mention, the malignant secrets of the Qlippoth reflect a deeper, metaphysical root of Black Magick. Sometimes called the Nine Keys to Hell or the Nine Breaths of the Absolute, these dark essences literally tap into primordial chaos, reshaping Creation to twisted ends.

Each of the Nine Spheres of Creation has a Qlippothic opposite, a chaotic counterpart swirling with dark resonance. Very few Infernalists understand their magick on so deep a level, but the screaming chaos of most Black Arts is said to arise from this primal disintegration. Perhaps the Void calls like to like, and sends its essence as a harbinger of the Reckoning to come. Infernalists may be seen as agents of that Reckoning, and their Arts flow from the well of chaos at the beginning and end of Creation.

Those who understand the Qlippoth see the Nine Spheres like this:

  • Connection: All things in this world are woven of metaphysical threads; tug one, and other things follow. Qlippothic Connection exploits this effect and yanks those threads until everything unravels.  
  • Entropy: All things exist in a constant state of flux tending toward disintegration. Qlippothic Entropy encourages the breaking-down and guides the cycle toward annihilation.  
  • Forces: Creation is a vortex of raging elements, kept in check by slender threads and principles. Qlippothic Forces bend or snap those binders, unleashing primal chaos.  
  • Life: Living matter is a corrupt reflection of spiritual purity. Since the flesh is decaying from the moment of its birth, Qlippothic Life Arts merely redirect that decay, resculpting or degrading the flesh until it returns to its primal state.  
  • Matter: Again, inert materials are mere shadows of the Absolute. Qlippothic Matter drives that point home by breaking down and redirecting these malleable forms until chaos is achieved.  
  • Mind: Eternities ago, the Void broke apart into warring emanations. Through their struggles, the Absolute sought to know itself Qlippothic Mind returns that knowl­edge to the Void, shares those impressions between other aspects of the Absolute, and shatters human illusions by exposing Creation for the hoax it is.
  • Prime: Life-force is really death-force. All things expend their energies in an endless well of power, but that well eventually leads back to the Void (and, in fact, may originate there, as well). Infernalists who have seen the Maelstrom at the heart of the Underworld know the true source of Quintessence - the dark spin of a Wheel that grinds all things into Primal pulp, then sends them back again.
  • Spirit: All things originate in the Void, and it's always close to the surface. Hell and its denizens are merely agents of that Void, angry remnants of worlds that have not yet completely broken down. By sundering the Gauntlet and inviting demons into this world, a Qlippothic sorcerer hastens this world's disintegration and lets the shades of old worlds enjoy this one for a while.  
  • Time: In the center of the universe, time does not exist. All things hang in an infinite suspension, compressed by the weight of eternity. Qlippothic Time brings a bit of that suspension to this world, speeding or slowing the illusion of time until that illusion falls apart.

The deepest secret of Qlippothic magick, however, is this: In its way, chaos and devastation are essential parts of Creation's weird dance. As any Infernalist can tell you (and will, given half a chance), there can be no Light without Darkness. It is said that one who understands the true nature of the Qlippoth sees the hand of God guiding even this maelstrom. Thus, this primal, Infernal chaos is just one more facet of greater Divinity. From such paradoxes, souls wither and great minds crack.


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